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Focus on heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, wire and cable identification labels, Volsun Electronics is your ideal choice for industry insulation, sealing and protection.

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Volsun cold shrink tubing is weatherproofing solution that designed for indoor and outdoor of cell tower application, which is a safe, easy way to reliable seal connections on coaxial / jumper / antenna cables. Volsun cold shrink tube, cold shrink end caps and cold shrink breakouts are ideal for wireless communications tower, phone tower and antenna tower.
They are made by special silicone rubber or EPDM material, which has good insulation, waterproof and sealing property. 

Silicone cold shrink tube

Cold shrink tube is an advanced weatherproofing solution with easier installation procedure, because the design of cold shrink tube is an open-ended tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable supporting plastic core. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal.
EPDM cold shrink tube

As the pioneer of cold shrink tube manufacturer in China, Volsun was founded in 2006, we kept focusing on the R & D, production and sales in insulation, sealing & protection solutions. Quality is our culture. Volsun has a modern quality management system, which has passed a series of quality system certification such as IATF16949, ISO9001. Our cold shrink tube has a full set of technical performance test report from SGS, such as IP68 waterproof grade, UV resistant, Ozone Aging, High temperature resistant, Anti-microbial activity test report, etc. So our quality is guaranteed.
Small cold shrink tube, but with a big function, connecting a wonderful future!
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