Non Slip Cold Shrink Tube for Handle Grips


Recently, we produced a new kind of non-slip cold shrink tube for tool handles, badminton grips, golf grips, etc. They looks so nice once installation finished. The following pictures are for your reference. Volsun was founded in 2006, as t…

A New Batch of Silicone Cold Shrink Tube Read to Ship


In the end of February, 2023, we received a quite large order of silicone rubber cold shrink tube from one customer in Aisa. They will use the this kind of silicone cold shrink tube in telecom base station for cables or connectors waterproo…

IP68 Test Report of Volsun Silicone Cold Shrink Tube


Silicone rubber cold shrink tube is one of our main products, which made of special purpose silicone rubber with a high shrink ratio and excellent physical and mechanical properties like slab and prick resistance. It reliably seals electric…

The Advantages of Cold Shrink Tubing


As a professional manufacturer and pioneer of cold shrink tube in China, we have specialized in this field for over 17 years. Many customers ask us that whats the advantages and feature of cold shrink tube ? Today, I will list the following…

The Introduction of Volsun Cold Shrink Tube Shrink Ratio


Shrink ratio is also one of the performance parameters of cold shrink tube. Some customers had ever asked us many times about this question. Today, I will introduce you the shrink ratio of our cold shrink tube. Shrink ratio also can be call…

Why We Choose to Use Cold Shrink Tube for Telecom Industry?


As we all know, both heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube can be used for insulation protection, waterproof and sealing purpose. So why we should choose cold shrink tube instead of heat shrink tube especially in telecommunication industry?…

Big Diameter Silicone Rubber Heat Shrink Tube


Silicone rubber heat shrink tube is one of our main products, we would like to introduce you this kind of product today. Silicone rubber and polymer elastomer are made by radiation modification, which can be used at high temperature for a l…

Volsun Small Size Silicone Cold Shrink Tube


As a pioneer manufacturer of cold shrink tube, Volsun have 16 years experience on the production of cold shrink tube. Recently, we produced a batch of small silicone rubber cold shrink tube based on the customers needs, which will be used f…

The Shipment of EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing


A new batch of EPDM cold shrink tubes are ready for loading today. We produced these rubber cold shrink sleeves for a customer and these cold shrink tubes will be used for sealing protection in their projects. Besides sealing, our EPDM cold…
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