Weatherproof Solution for Telecommunication Industry


Volsun cold shrink tubing is weatherproofing solution that designed for indoor and outdoor of cell tower application, which is a safe, easy way to reliable seal connections on coaxial / jumper / antenna cables. Volsun cold shrink tube, cold…

What do you Know About Cold Shrinkable Tubes?


When it comes to cold shrink tube, many people know this product. As a pioneer of cold shrink tube manufacture in China, Volsun know much about it. Cold shrink tube can show a kind of safety maintenance and give a sealed connection to the c…

Why Should You Use Cold Shrink Tube ?


As we all know, both heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube can be used for insulation protection, waterproof and sealing purpose. So why should choose cold shrink tube especially in telecommunication industry? Compared with heat shrink tube…

EPDM Cold Shrink Tube Used for Electric Cable Repair


Recently, we produced a batch of EPDM cold shrink tube for a customer and they plan to use these cold shrink tube for electric power cable repair. As we all know, EPDM cold shrink tubes are mainly used for electric power industry. They have…

A New Batch Cold Shrink Tube Loaded Today


Today, a new batch silicone rubber cold shrink tubes were loaded in our factory this morning. These cold shrink tubes will be shipped to our customer and used for cable connector insulation waterproof seal protection in telecom industry. Vo…

Leading Talents of Scientific & Technological Innovation-Volsun


Thanks for governments support to Leading talent enterprise, 12 experts visited Volsun yesterday, and they strongly support Volsun intellectualized workshop, upgrading of manufacturing project, and department leaders from Volsun also partic…

Volsun Waterproof Sealing Cold Shrink Tube


Volsun, is a leading and professional manufacturer of cold shrink tube in China for over 15 years. We mainly produced EPDM cold shrink tube and Silicone cold shrink tube. Cold shrink tube is a kind of tube which was pre-expanded on a plasti…

Yellow Color Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tube


A new batch yellow color silicone cold shrink tube was being produced in our workshop recently. As we all know, silicone cold shrink tube can be colorful, even though we mostly produce cold shrink tube in white, grey and black color, we do…

Volsun Grey Cold Shrink Tube for Telecom Industry


A new batch of grey cold shrink tubes were produced in our workshop this week. These cold shrink tubes will be used for telecom industry for cable and connector insulation seal protection in their project. They are made of silicone rubber v…

Volsun Silicone Rubber Overhead Line Cover with Printing


Silicone rubber overhead line cover is also one of our main products. Use silicon rubber material, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, with good resistance to corona resistance, high temperature performance, especially suitable for the protec…
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