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EPDM cold shrink tube is one of Volsun’s main products, which widely used in electric power cables, communication coaxial cables, and some termination joints insulation protection. As we all know, in the fast-paced world of communication, reliable and efficient infrastructure is crucial. EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing provides an ideal solution for various applications in the communication industry. Do you know why?

1.Superior Insulation Performance: EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing offers excellent electrical insulation properties, safeguarding sensitive communication equipment from electrical hazards. With its high dielectric strength, it ensures optimal signal transmission and minimizes signal loss, even in challenging environments.

2.Easy Installation: The unique cold shrink design eliminates the need for heat guns or special tools during installation. EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing is pre-expanded and placed onto the cable or connector, which contracts smoothly when the inner core is removed. This simplified installation process saves time, reduces labor costs, and minimizes the risk of errors.

3.Weather Resistance: EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing is specifically engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. It provides exceptional resistance to UV radiation, ozone, moisture, and a wide range of temperatures. This durability ensures long-lasting protection for communication infrastructure, even in harsh outdoor environments.

4.Flexibility and Conformity: EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing is highly flexible, allowing it to conform tightly to irregular shapes, contours, and connectors. This feature ensures a secure fit and effective sealing, providing reliable protection against moisture, dust, and environmental contaminants.

Volsun, as a pioneer of cold shrink tube for over 17 years, we also developed new design and new color of cold shrinkable tube based on customers’ actual needs except EPDM cold shrink tube. For example, clear cold shrink tube, which made of silicone rubber material, it provide a way to inspect the inside connection between cable and connector and can check the words or marks on the cable easily after installation.
Small cold shrink tube, but with a big function, connecting a wonderful future!

Welcome to contact us for more details!

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