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Volsun silicone rubber cold shrink tube series mainly used for telecom industry with the purpose of waterproof and sealing for the connector and cable joints. As we all know, cold shrink tube is expanded on the plastic supporting core in advance and just remove the plastic core when installed. Volsun cold shrink tubing is designed for indoor and outdoor of cell tower/telecom base station application, which is a safe, easy way of reliable seal connections on coaxial/jumper/antenna cables. Our cold shrink products including cold shrink sleeve, cold shrink end cap and cold shrink breakout are ideal for wireless communication tower, phone tower and antenna tower. They are made of special silicone rubber material or EPDM material, which have excellent performance like UV resistance, ozone resistance, IP68 sealing class, etc.

Volsun silicone cold shrink tube application on telecom connector

Volsun EPDM cold shrink tube application on power cable

As a professional manufacturer of cold shrink tube, we also developed new design and new color of cold shrinkable tube based on customers’ actual needs, for example, clear cold shrink tube, which provide a way to inspect the inside connection between cable and connector and can check the words or marks on the cable easily after installation.
Small cold shrink tube, but with a big function, connecting a wonderful future!
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