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As we all know, Cold shrink tubes are widely used in communication base station, coaxial cable, connectors, power industry, etc. 
Do you know how to install cold shrink tube ? 

Volsun Cold Shrink is a EPDM / silicone tubing (sleeving) that installs in seconds without the need for heat or adhesive. 
It is thicker and more durable than heat shrink or tapes, and unlike tapes, because it is a single piece/unit it is near impossible for dust or water to work their way inside. 
Volsun cold shrink tube has a sealing class IP68. 

1. Click here to see the video---How to install cold shrink tube ?

2. Here are installation instructions of cold shrink tube:

Quality is our culture. 
Volsun has sucessfully cooperated with Nokia, Ericsson, SK Telecom, Vodafone,etc, and got a good reputation from our customer. 

More details please feel free to contact our sales team via:

Alice Liu
MP/WeChat/WhatsAPP/Skype: +86 15862465779

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